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Samsung Laptop DC Power Jack Repair


If your Samsung Laptop has a broken or loose power jack, then the last thing you need to do is panic. Tech Genii is a leading desktop PC and laptop repair company that has the expertise necessary to repair damaged and malfunctioning power jacks and sockets. If you need assistance fixing or locating a new power connector or socket, then we will certainly have the repair solution for you! With industry-leading facilities and a highly qualified and experienced team, we are the ideal place for all kinds of power jacks and provide our extensive client base with specialised and personalised repair solutions.

All-Inclusive Samsung Laptop Power Jack Repairs and Replacements

Tech Genii provides a comprehensive range of repair and replacement services for all Samsung Laptop power jacks and parts, including:

Samsung Laptop Power Jack Repair

  • DC power port repair or replacement
  • DC power connector repair or replacement
  • DC power input jack repair or replacement
  • DC power socket repair or replacement

Convenient and Competent Power Jack Repairs

We strive to offer services to our diverse array of customers in the most convenient way possible. Unlike many other repair centres, we have the essential spare parts in our large inventory to fix an extensive range of power jacks, including that of the Samsung Laptop. This combined with having an expert technician carry out the repair, permits a fast turnaround but not at the sacrifice of a professional and friendly service.

Laptop power jacks and connectors are commonly damaged through misuse, an accident or just wear and tear over time. While sometimes power jacks can become damaged or faulty thanks to a drop or knock, some just come loose under normal use of the Samsung Laptop. It is imperative to understand that a broken power jack does not necessary mean that you will require a full motherboard replacement. A repair by Tech Genii can save you time and money in the short and long term.

Some indicators of a damaged or loose power jack include:

  • Battery won’t charge
  • Laptop only running on battery power
  • Laptop occasionally or constantly switches from battery power to AC power
  • Laptop unexpectedly reboots or shuts off
  • Sparks fly from the laptop

Accommodating and Friendly Customer Service for All

If you are faced with power jacks faults on your Samsung Laptop then just take advantage of the approachable customer service offered by the Tech Genii staff. The comprehensive power jack service is provided at our office in London and we conveniently offer the option of a walk-in service between 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. However, if you are unable to visit the repair centre in person then we can offer all customers with an organised collection service or the opportunity to have you send your computer it in to us using fast and reliable postal and courier services.

Tech Genii has the best repair solutions for all Samsung Laptop power jacks. Please do not hesitate to telephone us on 020 7064 4999 during our office hours or email anytime at to discuss our extensive range of services further, ask questions get a quote or arrange for a repair.